My name is Lori, and I’m so glad you stopped by!

Here on my site, you will find connections to Christian products that may be difficult to find in stores in or near your community.  You will also find a place to communicate your thoughts and prayer requests.  There’s also a blog page — my first venture into the blogging world!  There, I hope to share more of my own thoughts, experiences, joys, and struggles with all of you.

Something unique about my site is the “Personal Shopper” section.  I have noticed that there just aren’t many stores out there anymore that specialize in Christian products.  Of course, there are places online to find Christian items. But frequently, it can be difficult to sift through the thousands of items you find on those sites, and you often have to go to multiple sites to find exactly what you want anyway.

I have gotten pretty good at surfing the internet, and I would like to put that skill to work for you!  If there is something you are looking for and you just don’t know where to start to find it, START HERE, with me!  Let me do the initial looking and point you in the right direction.  There is no charge for the service.  In return, I only ask that if you decide to buy something from a website to which I sent you, please access it through my site when you make the purchase. That’s all!

Shoot on over to the ABOUT LORI page to learn a little about why I am on the internet.  And don’t forget to say HI on the FELLOWSHIP AND PRAYER page.  I would love to “meet you!”

~~Lori ♥